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HMO Property Photo and
Video Services

Hi! I'm Dillan, the founder of Blac Property Services, and I’m a one-stop digital solution for creative videography and photography for HMO agents and landlords. As a proud and trusted partner of the HMO Roadmap, I bring over five years of experience in property photography and marketing, equipping me with a deep understanding of how to capture and effectively promote HMO properties in the ever-evolving lettings market.

In today's digital era where first impressions matter more than ever, I am here to equip you with the essential assets you need to make your properties and brand stand out from the competition. Through captivating virtual tours, stunning photography or immersive videography, I specialise in creating market leading content that grabs the attention of potential tenants but also leaves an indelible mark.

But that’s not all, I understand the critical role that business growth plays and the indispensable nature of digital assets in fostering this. My services will not only help elevate your brand's visibility, but they can also act as a magnet for media outlets such as magazines, press, and podcasters. Ultimately, this can assist you in securing private finance to continue growing your property business.

Check out my HMO packages below, but don’t forget that if you need some additional services such as property staging, I can assist with this too!


Best option for starters!
Bronze Package
  • Professional Photographs
  • Virtual 3D Video Tour
Perfect for Spare Room and Right Move!
Silver Package
  • Professional Photographs
  • Virtual 3D Video Tour
  • Landlord Video
Great to boost your brand!
Gold Package
  • Professional Photographs
  • Virtual 3D Video Tour
  • Landlord Video
  • Drone Photography
  • Promotion Video


If you’d like to discuss your photo and video requirements, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to assist you.