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Specialist HMO Architects
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Hey, we are Andrew and Mary from Elite Dwellings and we are architects, designers and most importantly, HMO Investors. We are proud partners of the HMO Roadmap.

We combine our knowledge of HMO investing with our 20+ years of experience in architecture to help investors maximise the potential in their projects through layout optimisation and high-end design. As we are HMO investors ourselves, we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and the best ways to do it.

We believe in design-led HMO investment that maximises the potential of your property, provides high quality homes for tenants and high returns for investors. We use our skillset to design high-end spaces on a budget which demand the highest rents and ultimately increases your cashflow.

We can assist with interior design, floor plan optimisation, planning, building regulations or if you just need someone to help you solve a design problem, we can offer 1-2-1 consultations.

We are able to offer the full spectrum of services from feasibility layout studies through to specification of finishes, fittings and furniture, taking the stress out of the design process for you.


If you'd like to discuss your design requirements, please get in contact and we'll be happy to go through your design needs to help you plan and build your property.