Building your HMO property business just got easier

You're just a few clicks away from gaining access to all the training, advice, support & resources you need to start, scale, and systemise your HMO property or business today.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You want to build your HMO property business, but you feel overwhelmed about what ​steps to take next.
  • ​You struggle to establish a vision, strategy, or goals, and you are unsure if what you’re doing is right.​
  • You need to find, fund and refurbish more projects, and you want to create better, market leading HMO product​
  • You need to streamline your HMO business by implementing systems, but you don't know which ones, or how to do it.​
  • You have seen other people creating incredible HMOs, but you don’t have the confidence or skill to do it yourself.
If it does, then you already know what a minefield it can be trying to get reliable, high-quality advice & support.

What inspired us to build the HMO Roadmap

  • We were tired of hearing stories of people attending expensive courses that left them feeling ​confused, out of pocket and unable to build the property business they wanted.
  • There was no one-stop-shop for all your HMO training and support needs.​
  • There was a lack of comprehensive and experience-based advice in the industry.
  • There was no solution to getting the support you need, on-demand.​
  • There was no solution available for people who already had some experience but wanted to scale their business up.
Thankfully, we think different!

Introducing the HMO Roadmap

Let's get started

The HMO Roadmap is the leading training community for HMO property investors.
Start, scale and systemize your portfolio or business now!

It's stacked full of in-depth, practical training resources and support from like-minded individuals and industry experts that will not only inspire you, but will give you the structure, clarity and tools you need to build a successful and sustainable HMO property business.​

Let's build a business to create a life.

The HMO Roadmap will help you to...

Find, Fund, Refurbish, Fill and Manage your HMOs more effectively, and gain the confidence and skills you need to build the business you want.
Finally get to grips with the technical side of building an HMO property business and learn to master financials, KPIs, leadership, systems and recruitment.
Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of successful HMO property investors across the UK who are already doing it and here to support you.
Build a business you love, that generates predictable, recurring income and finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle that you want.
Find and download useful resources that will help you build a better property business in less time.
Eliminate the guesswork, streamline your efforts, and stop questioning what you are doing by following our expert and experienced-based advice.

What makes the HMO Roadmap different?

On Demand

Boasting an unrivalled amount of training and content, we're the UK's first membership platform dedicated to building an HMO property portfolio or business - get what you need, when you need it!


Whether you’re searching for your first property or you already have an established portfolio, our comprehensive selection of interactive training, material and experience will always push you to the next level.​


Tap into the experience and knowledge of well-known and respected authorities with a proven track record, who have been there, done that and still do it every day in their own businesses.​


Building a business can be a lonely business, but our thriving community of HMO property investors are on hand 24/7 to help answer your questions, provide feedback and offer their support.​

Keeping It Real

No hype, no BS, no tricks and no get rich quick schemes! Just straight-talking, honest, proven and practical advice to help you start, scale and systemise your property business.


We eat, sleep and breath HMOs! We're 100% focused on improving the standard of shared housing across the UK! It's what we do, we want you do to it too, and we're not going anywhere!

Meet Andy

Hey, I'm Andy Graham, the founder and the lead trainer at The HMO Roadmap!​

I've been investing in HMO properties for over a decade, and my story began in 2009! I qualified as a physio some time before this (but quickly realised it wasn't for me) and I worked hard and saved as much money as possible. As soon as I could afford to, I purchased and refurbish my first property (prices were a lot cheaper back then) which I converted into a five-bed student house. Of course, it wasn't long before I 'got the bug', and through my mid to late twenties, I did the same thing again and again until I eventually built a portfolio of HMO properties. ​

Fast forward to 2015 and I co-founded Smart Property, a specialist HMO property investment and management company. I started working with John Paul (you can see more about him below) and the business began to grow! In 2016 Smart Property was valued at £1.3m by Crowdcube after we successfully raised equity investment to feed our growth! We've since gone on to grow the business significantly and in 2019, we managed close to 100 HMO properties and have raised several million pounds of private investment. ​

When I was first starting, it was difficult to find the support I needed, and I found that building a HMO property business could be very challenging at times, but despite these challenges, I have remained committed to improving the standards of accommodation for young people in the UK. ​

I write as a regular columnist in different magazines about a variety of HMO topics, I co-founded The HMO Mastermind and I'm the host of The HMO Podcast! That's why in 2020 (with a big nudge from John Paul) I decided it was time to collate all my knowledge and experience and build a one-stop-shop for the HMO community!

John Paul

Meet John

Hi, I’m John Paul, or JP to my friends, and I’ve spent the last decade building a large and profitable sales and letting business that I now spend less than a few hours each month running. I've been working with Andy in the HMO industry for 5 years and I’d like to take the credit for all of his achievements too, but the truth is, I can only take credit for most of them...

Jokes aside, I’ve been in business since 2008, a crazy time to set up a property business I know! I quickly grew my agency business to 10 branches, 60 staff and over 2300 properties under management, and we sell over 400 properties a year as well. I'm an ARLA Propertymark board member, I'm a leading authority on Rent To Own and I've successfully built several other businesses including my training and consultancy business and my own property portfolio. ​

I've done pretty well at various award ceremonies and in 2014 we won the Sunday Times letting agency of the year which was a huge achievement for us. We've also won as the best agent in the North for 4 years running and for 4 years we were never out the top 3 for best Training and Development in the UK.​

One of our greatest achievements was in 2013 when we gained investors in People GOLD accreditation. We were, and still are, the only agent to gain this on our very first attempt! Oh, and in 2015 I was given an outstanding contribution to lettings at the Sunday Times awards as well – something I’m especially proud of. ​

​I've been a Non-Executive Director at Smart Property for four years and I've worked alongside Andy to build this into a substantial HMO property business, offering my support and experience in areas of business growth, strategy, systemisation and leadership! Andy and I make a great team, and that's why we've decided to bring our skills and experience together in The HMO Roadmap for you!

Here's a Sneak Peek Inside the HMO Roadmap

RoadmapWorkshopsMy HMO AppVideosLive Q&ACase Studies

Step by Step Roadmap

With over 60 training videos to follow and digest on-demand, learn in detail everything you need to build a successful and sustainable HMO portfolio or business that generates strong cash yields and built on future-proofed foundations! Save your favourite videos, download supplementary resources, save your progress and work through them at your own pace! This is the most comprehensive resource in the HMO property industry.

Expert Workshops

Prefer to learn on your own or need something a little more advanced? ​

With workshops being regularly added by Andy, John and other experts in the property industry, The HMO Roadmap truly is your one-stop-shop!​

Get notified of new workshops being released, digest them at your own pace and do them when it suits you best.

My HMO App

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets and say hello to our groundbreaking HMO appraisal app. You can use the My HMOs App to appraise, evaluate and store all of your HMO deals in one place, as well as compare your HMO deals against one another, track your KPIs, stress test your financials and record progress notes to help you pipeline every deals.


Access a vault of video recordings from The HMO Podcast with Andy and special guests discussing everything you can imagine! Pick, choose, save and store whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it, and enjoy some 'behind the scenes' action!

Live Q&As!

Interactive live Q&A sessions every month with Andy and John. Need advice and feedback tailored to your specific situation, we've got you covered! We hold a live monthly call where we answer all of your questions and provide individual advice.

Case Studies

Ready to be inspired? Just wait until you see some of the case studies that are waiting for you inside! We like to learn by example, and that's why we have a whole section dedicated to case studies of HMO investment projects that other investors and community members have done!

“Andy’s 10 years in the business really do show! There are so many nuggets of information and so much valuable content that will all help you build the HMO business you want!
- Mike Clay, Clay Properties
“Absolutely everything you need! Things that you don’t learn on these property training companies but obviously Andy is on the ground, in the field, out there and has been for the last 10 years running property businesses and working with trades! Highly recommended if you want practical advice that you can actually use going forwards.”
- Emilio Pavia De Brito, E M Acquisitions
“It’s absolutely packed with information and I’m really confident that you’ll come away with a really good understanding of where you need to be going and what you need to be doing.”
- Adam Collison, Highline Property

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